Monday, 6 February 2012

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” Lao Tzu

I have spent almost a full day on Digihitch, gathering inspiration to get and just do the deed, start the ball rolling, browsing the forum and reading the various stories from different ends of the 'subcultural movement'. Add to that a soundtrack of Lynryd Skynyrd and you have one 21 year old who is dying for a real adventure.
I think there is so much bad in the world, and if you stay in one place too long, it is easy to get way too caught up in everything, little everyday things that don't matter one single bit in relation to your existence. Sure, some things are necessary, that is a given. But most people never seem to step even a tiny bit outside of their comfort zone. I myself am also guilty of this and have been for most of my life, however I am trying to change this every day...Varying my routines where possible and planning ahead in my spare time.
Every time I drive anywhere locally nowadays I find myself pining for an opportunity to break away from my standard journey, I long for a lonely hitch-hiker that I can pick up and help out, to make my day just a little bit more exciting.
And that is just the start..I want to be that lonely hitch-hiker. I want to leave everything here behind, pack a bag, survive how I can, camping where I want, eating when I'm hungry, working if I need some money or somewhere to stay. Sometimes I doubt this though and that makes me feel peculiar...having lived such a normal existence for the past 8 years, makes me wonder whether I will cope.
Apart from a month excursion to volunteer and a month long Interrail trip with my partner, I have lived like most UK teenagers. However in the back of my mind the whole time has been the dream of getting away from everything.
Who knows, after being 'away', it is possible to return to 'normality'. But that is for after the adventures, if they should end. Best not to think about the finish line before even starting, especially if you don't want there to be a finish line.
Over the past few years, it seems hypocritical to say the most of my inspiration has come from the 'media', but it is true. Although 'On the road' and 'Into the wild' are probably the cliché young freespirit inspirations, then so be it. But what a beautiful cliché, to be no only care-free, but also car-free, money-free,worry-free. Not without company though, as a certain Christopher McCandless noted ; 'Happiness is only real when shared'.
I could transfer a quote from possibly every page of On the road, but that would not do it justice, because its that special feeling when you know that someone is persuing something that is possibly unattainable, yet there will always be people searching...

"I love you and I love these people. But there is something I have got to find, and it isn't here. Where it is exactly, I don't know myself." Anne Lee Waldo


  1. Yo, came across you on Digihitch and happened across your link to your blog. Wasn't going to comment, but glanced at this post and was amazed by how it mirrored my own exact mentality.

    The need to travel and just experience life away from the mundane comforts of society. I've been dying to leave on my own adventure, so to speak, since last autumn. Nothing but a rucksack and my own will, going where I want and doing what I feel like and meeting people and seeing places along the way. Everyone reaches a point in their lives where they want to just go sometimes, but it's hard to find the individuals who can pluck up the courage to do it.

    I'm leaving in the late spring for the south of France, to hike my way up towards Switzerland and then to Austria- following the alps. I'm hoping to spend a few months doing it but there's no telling how long i'll be gone just yet. It's more about the romanticism of not knowing and taking each day as it comes that I'm attracted to.

    Also noticed you watched Into the Wild. Amazing film; the book was even better. Have you read it? I'm making my way through all of Jon Krakauer's books. I have to admit, I wouldn't have considered this journey unless I had read about Chris Mccandless.

    1. Hey Lauren, thanks for your comment glad you can relate to some of the stuff I post..

      Yeah I know what you mean, and since discovering Digihitch my willingness and need to get away have increased dramatically. Some people would probably talk about running away from problems or something along those lines, but its more than just that.

      Having travelled with my parents while I was younger, this need to get has been instilled in me since a young age, albeit without me knowing.

      I haven't actually read the book, although I know I should have by now. After your recommendation I will look to get a hold of it. I think Chris McCandless is a great inspiration to many people, the film merely made his story more accessible to the general masses. Whether this is a good or bad thing I cannot decide.

      I hope your journey brings you many adventures, I would wish you good luck, but you won't need that...just an open heart and an open mind.