Sunday, 5 February 2012

Why we're all badgers and their torturers teach us valuable lessons.

Big claim really isn't it...that we're all doomed..
I think a lot of people would like to imagine that the human population will go on for many many happy years, with their childrens children having just a joyous life as they once did. Ok maybe not joyous, maybe pleasant, ok maybe not too pleasant but bearable.
How does this have anything to do with badgers..well, this article form the Guardian newspaper 'Barbaric' gang jailed for badger baiting
which I read the other day, made me think about the relations between animals, yes, believe it or not, humans are actually animals too.
There are a lot of branches of different arguments that stem from these relationships between animals, predatory, evolutionary, etc. However it seems to me that no other animal on earth commits such acts of 'barbarity' as frequently or as widespread as humans do. Yes, cats drag in half dead mice and seem to 'play' cruelly with them, but to deliberately slice open the carcass of a defenseless animal and hurl its offspring around a meadow is quite a different matter altogether.
Upon reading of this article, you may think this reaction is a bit over the top, in fact I heard somebody state that 'badgers are vicious bastards anyway', now I don't know too much about badgers, or badger baiting for that matter. But that argument doesn't hold any truth when the people commiting these acts of heartless-ness breed dogs specifically for their 'vicious' temperaments, apparently cross-breeding for the speed of the lurcher and the 'aggression' of a pit bull.
And what does this have to with the human race...well, I'd assume that after reading that article you recoil slightly and think that luckily its just a minority committing these acts of atrocity. But thats exactly why it will be the downfall or humans, because there are people who do this sort of stuff, and I'd take a guess that there will be people doing acts such as this or similar until they can act no more.

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